Best Antivirus for Small Businesses

If you are the owner of a small business, congrats: you are a target for cyber attacks. Nearly 50% of cyberattacks are directed at small businesses, making device and data security among a small business’ most crucial priorities.

Luckily, modern antivirus applications can significantly mitigate the risks presented by cyber attacks.

Why Do I Need Antivirus Software for Small Business?

Small businesses are among the largest targets for hackers and thieves, and strikes can have catastrophic consequences for organizations that choose not to use an antivirus program.

The effects of a cyber attack can cost around $84,000 and causes 60% of small businesses to close within 6 months–but surprisingly, 90% of small businesses do not use anything for business or client data protection.

Modern antivirus software does not just identify, remove, and protect against viruses that could cause computers to stop working. Virus threats have evolved, opening the door for much more comprehensive and sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks that may hold your apparatus hostage and steal valuable personal information. Without appropriate antivirus protection, small businesses can set the very foundations of the business in serious jeopardy.

What Should I Search for in Antivirus Software Tools?

Antivirus software tools for small businesses, first of all, should identify potential viruses, prevent viruses from spreading, remove viruses from infected machines, and protect machines from getting viruses in the first location.

But in today’s threat landscape, easy virus protection isn’t enough for a small business. Fortunately, many antivirus software solutions for small businesses include tools to prevent malware from spreading, keep users from accessing harmful sites or opening malicious files, and secure personal information through encryption.

1. The TotalAV Solution

Trusted by consumers around the world, TotalAV is an extensive antivirus program suite for tablets and desktop computers.

Optimized for optimal performance and battery life, TotalAV can help small businesses keep their apparatus secure without sacrificing power. Designed with memory, hard disk space, and startup times in your mind, TotalAV won’t weigh down a system with slow background processes and junk files, ensuring antivirus protection does not get in the way of running a small business.

The TotalAV antivirus engine comprises the security users have come to expect from a full-service security package. Anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-ransomware and anti-adware protections operate with real-time security, backed up by daily virus definition updates that keep your small business’ security up-to-date.

For smaller businesses, TotalAV’s additional paid features add powerful levels of security for workstations, web browsers, and multi-user access. The virtual private network (VPN) alternative can guarantee devices safely and securely connect to wireless networks, including encrypted browsing and internet content limitations to protect critical business data and prevent users from accessing malicious websites.

Additional security improvements include Ad Block Guru capabilities, a protected password vault, and identity security services to track personal information. TotalAV paid upgrades also provide professional versions of its Safe Website feature, which can automatically block URLs known to cause injury.

With powerful virus protection, safe browsing capabilities, and powerful functionality, TotalAV is an excellent option for smaller businesses seeking to protect systems from malware, ransomware attacks, and phishing attempts.

2. The Norton Small Business Platform

Among the most recognizable names in digital security, Norton has been growing industry-leading antivirus software for almost 30 years. Built using the identical enterprise-level protections Fortune 500 companies have come to expect, Norton Small Business offers comprehensive security solutions for small businesses running 5 to 20 devices.

Norton Small Business incorporates standard security features like antivirus and malware protection, virus removal, and cloud copies.

Through an easy cloud-based interface, device security can easily be set up to computers, tablet computers, and smartphones employed by small businesses. Using custom security profiles built for each and every device, Norton Small Business protects Macs, PCs, and iOS and Android devices from viruses, malware, and unauthorized access.

Norton Small Business also includes 24/7 security support for many users, ensuring lost or stolen devices can be reported and remotely locked around-the-clock. Certified Norton technicians are also available to diagnose technical problems by chat or phone in a minute’s notice.

As a reliable antivirus software programmer with decades of expertise, Norton Small Business is among the best options for smaller businesses equipped with less than 20 devices, and for organizations who need the reassurance that comes with comprehensive around-the-clock support.

3. Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Lab offers a comprehensive suite of security features designed especially for smaller businesses. In software licenses that cover up to 50 users, Kapersky’s award-winning security solutions protect computers, servers, and mobile devices while equipping businesses with defenses against online attacks, financial fraud, and information reduction.

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes all the antivirus and security attributes businesses have come to expect, such as anti-spam capacities, vulnerability and patch management, file-level encryption, and threat protection for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. By ransomware to payment scams, Kaspersky Small Office Security ensures attacks and threats do not get in the way of running a business.

The most appealing part of Kaspersky Small Office Security for small businesses is the software’s easy-to-use”install and forget” protection. The perfect option for businesses without a dedicated IT administrator, the program offers comprehensive out-of-the-box security capabilities without needing extensive setup and configuration. Ready to go in only 10 minutes, Kaspersky Small Office Security is excellent for small businesses looking to avoid the hassle and expense of hiring extra security professionals to handle the critical infrastructure.

Along with Kaspersky Small Office Security’s threat protection and ease-of-use, the package also provides comprehensive web security that blocks questionable downloads and attachments, filters out phishing attempts, and eliminates unsafe browsing extensions. Using Kaspersky Password Manager, users can also securely store all their private passwords and access from a computer, mobile device, or web browser, with just a single master password.

As a result of its award-winning threat protection and effortless installation and management, Kaspersky Small Office Security is a fantastic choice for small businesses with less than 50 workers.


When selecting the best antivirus solution for your small business, it is important to take into account the amount of devices in use, how many workers you have, and the level of support and service you will need.

Take time to thoroughly assess your business’ needs, but remember: No matter which option you choose, any antivirus software is much better than none.